Among the wealth of untold stories in American history is the rise and slow disappearance of all-black towns that sprung up in the American West following the end of the Civil War. Founded in an effort to convince the U.S. to create an all-black state, most of these towns have now been swallowed up by nearby counties and cities, or are clinging desperately for their survival. Struggle & Hope mines the stories of the last-remaining residents of these towns, while charting their heroic efforts to ensure their town retains its independence, character, and even hopes for a better future.


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“New Documentary on Surviving Towns That Were Part of Effort to Establish All-Black State in the USA” – Indiewire
“Oklahoma’s All-Black Towns Find Renewed Interest” – AlJazeera
“Historic All-black Towns Fight to Survive” – Voice of America
“Documentary Focuses on All-Black Towns in Oklahoma” – Associated Press

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