Historical Home in Lima

Faythe Canson Clark via Facebook

My mother, Virna Mae Dobson Canson grew up in this house in Lima, OK. She was the daughter of William Augustus Dobson and Eula Mae Gross Dobson the Principal and Librarian noted on the historical plaque in front of the school. This house is the teacher’s house. My mother Virna (whose picture I can seem to include here with this one) went on to become the West Coast Regional Director of the NAACP from 1974 – 1988. She says, her crowning moment in life was when she crafted with Hubert H. Humphrey the agreement and cast the deciding vote to seat Fannie Lou Hamer of the Mississippi Freedom Party and Aaron Henry of the Mississippi State Conference of the NAACP at the 1964 National Democratic Convention in Atlantic City. Little did I know that the house she grew up in was listed on the historical register and my grandparents noted on the marker out front.

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