Growing Up in Lima

William Keesee (via Facebook)

I grew up in Lima in the 1930’s and 40’s and can tell you quite a bit about the community, it’s citizens and the school. At one time the school at Lima was a high school and was the school that my mother attended. The High school existed before the all black High school in Seminole came in to existence. As a matter of fact the long time Black Principal, Professor Johns of the Seminole school had the opportunity of becoming the Principal at Lima but was warned at the time to take the job at Seminole as the school at Lima was in it’s last days as a high school.( words told to me by Mr. Johns himself). If you are interested in more information about the citizens and city of Lima please let me know and I would be glad to give you as much information about people, places and events that occurred in this small one time thriving community as I can remember. A community that I am proud to have grown up in.

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